Warm Edge Invisi-Bar ®


What is Warm Edge Technology?

"Warm Edge" technology refers to the thermal conductivity of the spacer bar, which is used to separate the panes of insulating glass that make up either a double or triple glazed unit. If the spacer bar material conducts less energy (heat) than conventional aluminum, then it is called a Warm Edge spacer bar. Most of the newer spacers perform better than aluminum, but still contain some metal. Sometimes steel or aluminum wrapped in butyl rubber is used, but this metal is still highly conductive.

Compatibility of our Spacer® with Low-E Glass

OurWarm Edge Super Spacer has the capability to bond with most glass surfaces. This includes the ability to stick to all known and tested Low-e coated surfaces on the market to date.

Improves Sound Absorption

The closed-cell polymer foam in Super Spacer permiates almost no sound at all when compared to conventional aluminum spacers or less metal warm edge spacers. We always manufacture Super Spacer wherever noise from airplanes, trains or the road may be a problem for building occupants.

Improves Condensation and Mould Resistance

Mould needs moisture to grow. Any IG (insulated Glazing) unit manufactured by us with Supaer Spacer has a significantly reduced tendency to exhibit interior condensation or frosting, which means that the health problems associated with mould can be almost eliminated. Health research has found that Super Spacer helped IG units stay in the optimum low-humidity zone, which prevents mould and bacteria growth.

Globally Tested and Proven with Awards

Since its introduction in 1989, Super Spacer is still the only polymer foam, NO-Metal warm edge spacer. Over 70 million feet of Super Spacer is used annually worldwide since the start of production over 15 years ago. Super Spacer received the 1994 "Solar Company of the Year" award issued by Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc. Our manufacturer is an Energy Star Partner and an Energy Saving Trust recommended product. Testing Data is available to show that IG unit’s made with Super Spacer meets standards used in the USA, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, China and Europe. It also meets Dade County (Florida, US) Hurricane standards.

Warm Edge spacer will improve a IG units edge performance by more than 99.7%

What Now?

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