Locks and Hardware


The mechanical system is arguably the most important part of a window or door. They can look good, but if they don’t stop the burglars, then they are useless.

The locks and mechanics are made up of some or all of the following parts:

Together, all these parts are known as the locking & hinge systems, as they normally constitute more that one part.

The typical Locks and gearing that are supplied by the competition

Cockspur - 1 point locking

This is a very early type of locking system and is still used on some wooden and aluminum windows today. It consists of just a single handle attached to the windows sash with a spur at 90 degrees that locks into or on to a pressure pad attached to the outerframe of the window. The only security is the single point of the spur.

Espagnolette - 2 point locking

The handle of an espag locking systems has a square socket inside the mechanism which is attached to a gear box situated in the eurogrove of a PVC Windows via a spindle. When turned, this operates 2 mushroom bolts that lock to 2 keeps on the outerfame.

The locks and gearing supplied as standard with Yonico Home Improvement’s

SAC Shootbolts - Multipoint locking

This is a very secure locking system which is commonly used in the double glazing industry, however, it is still not a standard.

Lots of manufactures are still only using Espag locking systems as standard. It is common for most suppliers to charge extra for this shootbolt option, but here at Yonico Home Improvements, it is supplied as standard at no extra charge.

Our new Sac shootbolt system is specially designed to be flexible and adaptable. It also takes pressure away from the hinges, ensuring a longer life for your windows. The tight seal guarantees superb weather protection too, so you'll feel safe and secure in every way.

SAC Window Keeps

These are very important components that count towards the overall strength of any locking system. A complete locking system is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

The Window keeps are screwed to the window frame and take the locking points. If these are made of plastic it won’t take much to prise them open, but don’t confuse plastic with new composite materials like ABS, as some of these can be as strong as metal and stop the reaction between 2 difference metals.

Most suppliers only offer the gold coloured keeps, which are made of a softer metal. This means burglars could find it easier to prise open any windows fitted with these types of keeps.

We only use SAC keeps which are hardened silver alloy. They are super hard and impossible to prise open.

SAC Bolts

The Sac Bolt and Keep is the only single multi-patented product available today that can improve total window performance.

The systems unique design and flexibility, enables you to re-adjust the sash to create more compression assuring a higher level of performance.

The Sac Bolt and Keep guides the sash to a correct and perfect sash closing procedure every time the sash is operated.

The systems simple and effective design relieves the hinge from stress assuring a longer window life.

The products very effective anti-jemmy design and location gives ultimate protection against intruders at the vulnerable hinge side of the sash.

Balanced windows security and weather proofing by creating a tight seal between the hinges.

How it works

As you can see from the diagrams below :

Stage 1 The open bolt prepares to engage.

Stage 2 2mm inner taper, which forces a window sash across and closer to its outerframe to ensure constant weatherproofing and reliable noise reduction.

Stage 3 Distinctively shaped products that have been designed to naturally interlock and become steadfast only when attacked.

SAC Security Guarantee

However important windows & doors are to the style of your house, the security they offer is even more important. The more confident you feel inside your home, the happier you'll be. For this very reason we offer the SAC guarantee scheme and also the police approved 'secured by design' locking products.

SAC Security - Progress Plus Guarantee Scheme :

Secured by Design

Secured by Design is the UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ’designing out crime’ by use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a range of applications, including doors and windows.

Choice of handles

At Yonico Home Improvements, we don’t believe in charging for every like extra like some suppliers. We offer one price and then you can decide which type of handle you would prefer.

The colours to choose from are (from left to right); Polished Chrome1, Satin Chrome1, Satin Chrome Egress3, Polished Flint1, Polished Gold1, White1, White2, White Egress3.

1= Black button, 2= White button & 3= Green button for fire escape windows

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