Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold Doors provided by Yonico

Bi-fold doors open up a range of possibilities for your home, for reasons such as letting in more light or offering a chance to remove any barriers in your home. Bi-fold doors provide a stylish and modern vibe to your home and are a beautiful sight in any home.

The key feature of Bi-fold doors is the fact that you can open up your living space and garden space to incorporate the two on a nice day, and is also a great way of entertaining, whether they are for indoor or outdoor use, bi-fold doors are very straightforward to operate and however you choose to operate them using the many opening configurations that there is to choose from you will always be creating more space and more light.

Bi-fold doors offer a great way to utilise space and can also be in place of a wall, so if you want too you can fold away the wall to bring a lot more space to your home when you need it, you can also extend a floor such as a tiled floor from a kitchen to the outside and create a patio outside.

Yonico have a range of styles and materials of Bi-fold doors to choose from to make sure that the door will match the interior of your house, and whether it is for inside or outside use a bi-fold door makes for a beautiful addition to any home.