Acoustic Glass


Acoustic (Sound Insulating) Glass

Acoustic glass is a special form of laminate glass, designed to deliver high levels of sound insulation for either internal or external window glass within buildings. Not only this, it also provides security, safety and heat insulation in the same way ordinary laminated glass does. It can be applied in single, double or triple glazed situations with thickness ranging from a few millimetres to several centimetres.

Acoustic glass can be fitted into a building’s windows, doors, skylights and conservatories, both in internal and external walls. The glass has its uses in residential, commercial and industrial buildings where a room or structure needs sound proofing.

Examples of situations where acoustic glass may need to be fitted include recording studios, offices in busy city centres or close to railway lines or roads, airport lounges, offices and homes close to busy roads and railway lines. Industrial uses include protecting offices from the noise of heavy machinery and manufacturing.

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